The SELFCAIR AUTONOMY SYSTEM© intends to solve the cabin bag saturation crisis. As passengers mistrust traditional BHS, most tend to arbitrate for cabin bags, leading to overhead bins overflow. Offering passengers, provided respect of cabin bags restrictions, the possibility to increase bag size while presenting similar advantages (i.e. full autonomy and fast retrieval) the system provides a simple, affordable and reliable solution benefiting all stakeholders in the airline industry - either as an add-on component or in place of a conventional system.




This SELFCAIR AUTONOMY SYSTEM is based on 3 simple principles:

1. passengers

    Passengers go through security with their hold bags, then place them inside specially designed containers corresponding to their destination. Upon arrival, the same containers are transferred to the arrival terminal and passengers retrieve their bags.

2. Containers & tunnels

    Containers are parked into terminals, near the screening area, inside "tunnels" equipped with conveyors. These tunnels provide direct access to the tarmac, so that containers can be quickly transferred from terminal to plane.

3. electronic lock

    An active RFID chip facilitates the process. This e-lock is attached to the bag and alerts the passenger if the bag is deposited in the wrong container, and ensures that bags can only be retrieved by their owners through a scan of their boarding pass.

Although it is compatible with existing equipment, the SELFCAIR AUTONOMY SYSTEM requires 3 special equipment:

1. a security lane that accepts hold bags

    As the flow of the hold bags and the carry-ons are the same up to the hold bag deposit, the security lane has to accept both items. Note that the SELFCAIR CLASSIC & COMPACT lanes are designed to be easilly adapted anytime.

2. specially designed Containers (LD3 & LD3-45)

    SELFCAIR containers can accept 22 to 26 bags (LD3-45 type) or 32-36 bags (LD3 type), according to the size tolerance of each airline company. They are compatible with existing installations and only weight a few kilograms more than conventional ones.

3. specially designed tunnels

    As they are modulable, they can receive both LD3 and LD3-45 type SELFCAIR containers. Their role is to secure both containers and passengers. They are equipped with RFID antennas, on order to track the e-locks of the bags.



departure & ARRIVAL steps


Connecting flights work the same as Point-to-Point (P2P) flights: at first arrival, passengers transfer themselves their hold bags from the arrival tunnel to a connecting flight tunnel nearby. Bags are then transfered by agents to departure terminals, where passengers can retrieve them. They just then have to transfer them to the second flight departure tunnel.

This is faster that actual hub systems (-20 min), and less expensive.





For such a radical change to take place, the SELFCAIR system needs to appeal technically and financially to all categories of stakeholders in the industry, while meeting all obligations imposed by security regulations and government authorities. Above all, it has to be acceptable to passengers.


1. Passenger peace of mind

• No more misrouted luggage
• Bags cannot be damaged or robbed
• Passengers have to stand in line only once
• Wait time for bag delivery is cut by half
• Passengers cannot mistakenly take the wrong bag


2. Airport nirvana

• World CAPEX savings of $82 billion over 10 years
• Simplicity, reliability, 20% reduction in floor space


Maximum theoretical savings for a containerized flight and equipped arrival airport (P2P: point-to-point)



3. record airlines savings

• IATA estimates world OPEX savings of $118 billion
• The transfer of baggage responsibility alleviates the need for inter-airline administration of missed bags
• Easier treatment of “no shows”


* 100 = cost of a bulk bag, on P2P flight, in Western Europe, for an average of 0.6 bags per passenger


4. Safer jobs

• SELFCAIR would help prevent back injuries that affect 10% of bag handlers each year


5. easier inspection process

• Baggage will not be handled by countless people
• Passengers will always be close to their bags













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