SELFCAIR CLASSIC© is a new style lane bringing a modern look to security areas and enhancing the passenger experience as they are intuitive to use.

The dedicated design team have improved many of the issues currently seen withi n the security checkpoint areas, whilst also improving the ergonomics which benefits staff and passengers alike.

The system is based on a fully modular concept to allow many different layouts for small and larger security areas.



general view




Design specification


1. flexibility

SELFCAIR CLASSIC is an inline security checkpoint lane made up from key modular components. Its flexible design enables many different configurations to be formed, allowing maximum use of available space in the terminals.

2. new control system

NEW PC CONTROL SYSTEM: Precise control of the lane can be achieved in order to improve throughput with constant flow. This keeps screening equipment moving and helps avoid unnecessary stop starts that impact flow. With improved reporting functionality, the customer is able to generate reports on many levels of data.

3. ergonomics

STAFF CARE: Work completed with ergonomic specialists have been followed to allow staff to have the correct posture when standing at the lane. For exemple, a large toe gap at the base of the lane helps ensure the correct posture.

4. maintainability

ONE SIDE MAINTENANCE: Maintenance has driven the design to enable easy access when required. Nearly all maintenance can be achieved from any side by one person. Furthermore, use of minimal tools help ensure that maintenance is fast and efficient.

5. performance

CAPACITY & PAX THROUGHPUT: SELFCAIR CLASSIC lanes can maximise the capacity of a security area providing high tray throughput. All SELFCAIR Lanes have been designed to make them intuitive to use. Some configurations allow the passenger to load 2 trays at one time, maximising passenger throughput.

6. aesthetics

TUNED COLORS & LED LIGHTS: SELFCAIR can provide many different colours or claddings on the lanes. Corporate logos can also be incorporated. Each system can also have additional LED lighting supplied on the sidepanels to further enhance the aesthetics of the area and improve passenger direction.


NOTE: The SELFCAIR CLASSIC lane can be transformed at any time and in a few hours’ time to a SELFCAIR AUTONOMY lane, that can also accept hold bags. This allows airports to adopt the SELFCAIR AUTONOMY system without having to replace the security lanes.










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